Rethinking urban food systems

Farm2Future offers integrated solutions to some of the most pressing challenges modern cities face in food security. We develop powerful, locally deployable tools that can produce food on smaller and alternative areas, and protect crops with less environmental impact. Our solutions include stand alone, closed systems for food production, integrated pest management and small scale vermiculture, and new innovations in bio-materials.

The world population is expected to increase by more than 25% by 2050. This presents a global challenge for food security and standards. With the growing trend for people to move to urban areas, there is an increased risk of food deserts an citizens being denied fresh, nutritious food in the city. We will need efficient ways to produce more food on smaller and alternative areas, with less environmental impact.

Urban Farming is a powerful, locally deployable tool that disrupts traditional ways of thinking about food production and offers integrated solutions to some of the challenges moders cities are facing. The focus of this urban challenge is to support vital cities and local economies by offering systems for:


World of Walas is anticipating these needs with forward thinking productions systems for food, waste and renewable raw materials through Farm2Future. This project brings circular economic theories and leading urban farming practices together and deploy local, sustainable food systems.

Farm2Future is a proud member of World of Walas, with locations in Enschede and Heerlen, and more coming soon. You will also find our specialists working on farms and in labs across the region. Learn more on

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